Our Story


For many years my wife Kathryn and I have walked five miles a day, five days a week. As a board member of Keep Mobile Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, there is built-in understanding that trash on the street ends up in the storm drain. In our case, from the storm drain, it flows through the river system and ends up in Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.


An Accidental Simple Idea

One morning walking along Hillcrest Road in Mobile, AL, a plastic bag was blowing along the street. Wanting to keep it out of the storm drain, I picked it up. Now I'm walking along the street with a plastic bag in my hand. As I walked, I spotted additional trash along the sidewalk.

Since there was a bag in my hand, I felt compelled to pick up the additional trash and put it in my bag, so I did. By the time we reached home, my bag was full, and I felt as if I had done something to help the community. It cost nothing to accomplish, and it made me feel much better about myself.

The next morning I repeated the process. The morning after that, I repeated the process and the next and the next and the next. Now five days a week, five miles a day, trash is removed from a few streets. Problem: there are lots more streets that need to be cleaned.

What if every day you went out and picked up trash in your neighborhood? What would happen? You would be lean(er), and your city would be cleaner.

Perhaps friends would join you, and additional friends would join them. What if the effort spread and the trash was picked up on every street in your town every day. What if this was done by neighbors volunteering to make their community a better place? A great service to the community at no cost to the government.

Each morning I use empty plastic bags brought home from various merchants for free. My only expense is an occasional new glove and an occasional new pair of walking shoes.

You can do it, too.

Let's all make this a better place to live each and every day.

Thank you,
Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts