Take A Daily Litter Walk
You will be leaner and your world will be cleaner

Advocating For A Cleaner Neighborhoods & A Leaner You

Lean and Clean is an organization advocating litter and garbage picking in neighborhoods while you take a walk. We encourage you to be proactive instead of reactive and pick up trash daily to keep your neighborhood cleaner. Our program encourages you to participate and clean up the surroundings in a fun way.

During the course of the year, we pick up nearly 1000 pounds of litter. If we had 1000 people doing the same thing, we’d be picking up one million pounds of litter in just one year. The easiest way to clean up the river is to pick up the litter before it gets in the river.  

Lean and Clean

Our Belief

  • We believe that picking up litter every day is less stressful than doing one annual clean up dealing with tons of garbage.
  • Lean and Clean intends to make garbage cleaning a part of your everyday lifestyle.
  • We want the environment to motivate you to walk and be proactive about keeping it clean.
  • We have been promoting the benefits of preventing litter while walking for more than ten years.

Why Join Us

Perfect for men, women, and children of all ages

A group activity involving the community

Encourages a healthy lifestyle

Cleaner environment

Creating healthy neighborhoods

How You Can Help You Be Leaner And Your World Cleaner

Annual community and national cleanup programs are excellent, but they have one drawback the next day, there is more trash on every street than what was cleaned up. Our idea is to encourage you to walk more often while cleaning up the litter you see on the way. Here are a few plans to implement every day:

  • You can simply grab a friend or your pet and go for a walk, make sure to bring a bag! As you see trash or litter along your walk, pick it up and fill your bag.
  • You're out walking your dog already, might as well pick up litter along the way.
  • Need the motivation to get out of the house? Start a challenge with some friends on your Fitbit or Apple watch.

Hit 10,000 Steps Per Day

The recommended target for adults is to hit 10,000 steps per day; this equals about 5 miles. Start with a reasonable goal for yourself and work your way up.

  • By getting out and being active, you're helping yourself and your body to be healthy.

  • By picking up litter along the way, you're helping keep our streets and trails clean.

You can be Lean and Clean